About the Muncie Astronomy Club

The Muncie Astronomy Club provides an opportunity for people interested in exploring our marvelous universe to come together for fellowship, education and fun.

The MAC provides families, individuals and organizations with opportunities to observe the sky safely, engage in learning experiences, and master astronomy related skills.

The Club provides many unique astronomy-related activities throughout the year.

What is the Muncie Astronomy Club All about?

Monthly meetings are opportunities to share and learn how to use astronomical equipment and related computer software; as well as, what's up in astronomy. Presentations by experts provide a front-row seat to the latest research and discoveries in astronomy and space exploration.

Star Parties: Telescopes and fun are shared (weather permitting). Some observing sites are: the Academy of Model Aeronautics (just east of Muncie), Fall Creek Valley Observatory (near Anderson), Tall Timbers Observatory (near Portland) and Wilson's Winery (near Modoc). The MAC is on the planning committee of the annual Indiana Family Star Party at Prairie Grass Observatory near Frankfort, IN.

Honors: NASA selected the MAC to be one of the 12 world-wide participants in the Venus Transit study. In addition, several club members have won awards for their astrophotography, space art and astronomical knowledge.

Community Education: Schools, scouts and other organizations have hosted the MAC for informed star-gazing. Adults discover a relaxing escape in this hobby, and youngsters are encouraged to embrace science, technology and math (STEM). Imaginations are ignited with the vastness of space, and spirits soar with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the universe and our own planet. Be it school yard or family backyard, MAC members journey near, and sometimes far, to bring these experiences to groups of most any size and age - just for the fun of discovering what's out there....

The MAC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.